My benefits from Sigan

  • More advantages
  • More quality
  • More orders

As a tradesman, you get lots of advantages from using the switchTec® adhesive technology.

  • You have quick and easy installation
  • You save time and money
  • You have the protection of system guarantees from a leading manufacturer
  • You fulfil the wishes of your customers and so get more orders
  • You have the benefit of free advice and site recommendations

All switchTec® products are made in the most modern production facilities in Switzerland:

  • Swiss quality products
  • Innovative research and development
  • The most modern production facilities
  • The strictest quality controls from raw materials to finished products

It’s all about technology!

25 % more orders for you!

UFLOOR Systems commissioned the study ”Flooring Technology 2010” so as to be able to respond early to changes in customer needs. The study confirms the growing importance of dry adhesives.

Results of the floor-layer survey:*

  • Over 70 % of flooring installations are renovations.
  • Although it is just beginning to be established, dry adhesives are used as the right solution in more than 20 % of renovation work.

Commercial and private end-users say:*

  • On average, fl ooring is renovated approx. every 11 years, with the advantages offered by switchTec® (faster, cleaner and odourless) those surveyed would change their fl oor coverings after only 6 years.

switchTec® allows you to get over 25 % more orders. Take advantage now of a previously unused market opportunity!

  • With 25 % of potential customers, that is twice the number of renovations.

* Surveys carried out by GfK Marktforschung in July/August 2007